Mars Collection Care and Maintenance

Mars pieces have a polyurethane sealer and oil topcoat. This means that spills will not stain the top if cleaned up and not left for long periods of time (several hours).

Special care should be taken with very hot surfaces and alcohol like red wine which if left for longer periods of time could penetrate the sealer and stain the wood. That being said, the benefit of the oil finish is that light scratches and stains can easily be removed with very fine sandpaper and a light application of oil on top.

Regular maintenance application of a furniture oil can be used every few months or as desired. This is a quick process of wiping on oil over entire surface then a secondary wiping with a clean cloth to remove any excess.

So in general, while an oil finish takes a bit more regular maintenance to look its best, it’s easy to do and allows for easy buffing of any abuse without ever having to professionally refinish! This is a traditional furniture method used for generations with the added sealer and extra stain resistance. Please let us know if you have any questions!