The COMING SOON sign is up in the window as of about an hour ago, so I guess it's officially official. We've begun to tap into our community of artists, friends and friends of friends to add an array of art/objects/miscellany to the SOBU furniture line-up. It's going to be a beautiful assortment and we hope it's a strong first foot forward. Thanks for all the shout outs of excitement and support. And those of you who offered up to roll up your sleeves in the next few weeks and help us open our doors on time (Friday, November 22nd)...get ready. We're about to call you!

Store Opening

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  • I would love to come and to help. I have a young Brazilian artist arriving at my house today (in Los Altos) and I am organizing a opening in a friend’s gallery in Palo Alto. Wish i could attach a picture of his art. Very contemporary. maybe you would like to feature one of his pieces?
    Looking forward to hearing from you!!

    patricia ribeiro on

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